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What can I add to my Flow?
What can I add to my Flow?
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Flowla can help you turn any complex process into one, simple flow.

To translate your processes into Flowla, you will be using Contents and Actions.


Contents help you tell a story. Whether you want to include PDF proposals, PowerPoint presentations, Notion documents, or even embed links, you can easily add a multitude of assets in Flowla.

  • Click on Add content.

  • Decide what type of content you would like to add.

  • For external content, paste the link in the bar.

  • For content created within Flowla, you can use our Editor, native Recording tool, write Meeting notes, create FAQ.

Alternatively, you can reuse content from your Asset library.


Actions help you get things done. When you want to ensure that there's alignment and everyone's on the same page (or flow in this case πŸ˜„), you will add actions to your flows.

  • Click on Add Action

  • Give it a descriptive title (e.g. Sign the document below, Fill out the registration form, etc.)

  • Add a description to provide your flow viewers with more context

  • Select the relevant action type

  • Add an assignee by clicking this icon. Next, type their e-mail address.

❗To notify your assignee via email that they have an action to complete, make sure to check the box Notify selected contacts as shown below.

  • Select a due date by clicking this icon. Flowla will now send reminders before the due date.

  • For most actions, assignees cannot simply click Mark as done. Instead, Flowla instructs them on completing the task ( e.g. Sign to complete, Go to URL to complete, etc.). Upon completing the action, the task will be marked as done automatically.

    This is applicable to the following actions:

    • Go to URL

    • Watch a video (only for Video files, YouTube, Daily motion, Vimeo, Wistia)

    • Download/ Upload a file

    • Input text

    • Sign a document (Using Flowla's native e-signature - only available in Team plan)

As a Flow creator, you can manually mark tasks as done.

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