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How to disconnect HubSpot from Flowla
How to disconnect HubSpot from Flowla

A guide on disconnecting HubSpot from your Flowla account.

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Follow the steps below to disconnect HubSpot from your Flowla account.

  • From your dashboard, click on More in the top toolbar.

  • Next, select Integrations.

  • Find HubSpot, then click on Settings and More.

  • Click on Disconnect.

  • Select Yes when prompted.

That's it. HubSpot is now disconnected from Flowla.

What happens after you disconnect HubSpot from Flowla?

  • What changes:

    • You will no longer see the corresponding flow for each deal.

    • Your Flows card in HubSpot will disappear.

    • Activity from stakeholders who view your flows is no longer synced.

  • What stays the same:

    • All the identified stakeholders who viewed your flows and their entire flow activity prior to disconnecting HubSpot from Flowla.
      ​(New activity or contacts won't be synced)

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