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Do I have to pay for every invited user?
Do I have to pay for every invited user?
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No! You only pay for the flow creators on your Flowla team.

Different user roles in Flowla

  1. Flow creator: Can create and edit flows.

  2. Viewer-only: Will not be added to billing, cannot create or edit flows.

Viewer-only users on your team will still see all of your content, but won't be able to create or edit flows. Therefore they will also be excluded from billing.

How to add a viewer-only user?

1. Make sure you're a workspace admin

Follow the steps below to see if you have an admin account.

  1. After you log into Flowla, click your profile photo on the upper right corner, and go to 'Settings' from the dropdown menu.

  2. From the left-hand side panel in Settings, click 'Team'.

3. From there, find your account and check 'Team Permissions' column.

If you have an admin account, you can then invite a viewer-only user.

2. Invite a viewer-only user

1. When inviting a new team member to Flowla as the workplace admin, you will see a popup window like the one below.

2. From there, simply choose the viewer-only role for the user you're inviting.

Done! The team member you invite will now be excluded from your billing.

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