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Sharing a flow
How can I share a Flow?
How can I share a Flow?
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You've crafted the perfect flow. It is now personalized for your target company and includes all the relevant content and actions.

You've also selected enabled/disabled all relevant toggles in Share Settings.

It's now time to share your flow! 🤩

How to access the Share menu?

To access the Share menu, Click Share on the upper right corner of your top bar.

What does each Share Option mean?


Without leaving Flowla, simply invite people to view your flow by adding their e-mail addresses.

Type in their email under Add people -> Click on Share

They receive an email notification to view the flow.

Share with Link

This option allows you to copy the link or the link & thumbnail of your flow. Then, you can paste in an email or other channels of communication.


This option allows you to copy and paste a suggested email body. Flowla offers several suggestions of texts depending on communication type/use case.

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