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Configuring Flowla - General Settings
Configuring Flowla - General Settings

How to set up your profile, edit organization settings, add team members and configure notification settings

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You've installed Flowla πŸŽ‰! Welcome, we're thrilled to have you here.

Let's go over some initial settings you can configure to get started.

How to access the general settings

  • In the top bar, go to More

  • Click on Settings

Set up your Profile

In the Profile tab, you can add/ edit your First and Last Name, as well as your work title.
You can also add/ edit your profile picture.

Click on Save to save the settings.

Edit Organization Settings

In the Organization settings tab, you can change organization settings. You can change your organization's name, add a new organization logo, or change your custom subdomain.

Also, if you'd like to change the brand colours that show up in your flows, this is the place to do so.

Don't forget to click on Save to save the settings.

Add Team members

In the Team tab you can Invite new team members, activate or deactivate their accounts depending on your permission level.

There are 2 different Team Permissions on Flowla, Member and Admin.

  1. Member: Cannot manage payments or deactivate users. Can invite other members.

  2. Admin: Can manage billing and payments, deactivate users, invite other admins, and change team permissions.

Click on Invite user to add new team members.

  • If your team permission level is member

You can only invite others as members - so we'll only ask for your teammate's email address.

  • If you're an admin for your Flowla workspace

In this case, you'll have more control over the role and permissions of your new teammate.

The popup window you'll see will look like below.

Enter their email, and select their team permission and user role.

After you click Send Invitation, they will receive an email from us with their invite link!

Configure Notifications

In the Notifications tab, you can select what type of notifications you'd like to receive.

These are general settings. You can override them for each flow.

To do that:

  • access the flow you'd like to configure.

  • Click on the ellipses in the top bar.

  • Select Notifications.

  • Configure them to your liking.

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