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Templates - How to Create and Edit Them
Templates - How to Create and Edit Them
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Are you looking to build repeatable processes and save time? ⌛️

It's a no-brainer, we know. This is what we all need nowadays! More time to invest in what truly brings value.

For that, we've created Templates.

  • To start, choose one of our templates. You can select one that's closest to your use case.

  • If you're unsure what to do next to create your first flow, follow the steps listed here. Briefly put:

    • [Optional] Select target company / Add target company

    • Give a title to your flow

    • [Optional] Give it a description

    • Click on "Create Flow"

  • Next, you can add your assets to it. Your flow is divided into contents and/or actions.

    • Use contents when you want to tell stories (e.g., documents, videos, presentations, embedded websites... the list is almost endless).

    • Use actions to get things done: upload/ download files, sign documents, book meetings, etc.).

  • Now, go to the ellipsis in the top bar. Click on Create template.
    This will save the current flow as your own template.

  • That's it! Moving forward, you can re-use your template and just personalize it for your target company. Or, create new templates for different use cases!

From now on, creating a flow from one of your templates can take as little as 20 seconds!

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