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Connect your Zapier account with Flowla
Connect your Zapier account with Flowla
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If you're juggling multiple tools to manage your workflow, then let me tell you about unlocking a world of possibilities by using our Flowla & Zapier integration!

With Flowla working as both a trigger and an action in your zaps, there are endless possibilities ahead.

Here are some good examples:

⚡Event is created in Calendly -> Generate Flow -> Send via E-mail/ Slack

⚡Contact views a Flow -> Create multiple spreadsheet rows in Google Sheets

⚡Contact views a Flow -> Add them to your Contact list in HubSpot.

To connect Flowla with Zapier, follow the steps below ⬇️:

  1. From your Dashboard go to More -> Integrations

2. Find Zapier in the Integrations list and click Settings & More. Then, copy the API key.

3 .Go to Zapier, create a Zap and and select any Flowla related action or trigger

(you can do this by searching Flowla on Trigger or Action)

4. After selecting an event, in the Account tab, click Sign in

5. Enter the API key and that's it! 🎉

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