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What are Stages and Steps?
What are Stages and Steps?
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Think of Stages as chapters in a book. πŸ“˜

They relate to one topic, you'd expect to see a narrative that connects to that theme.

Steps represent the narrative within a chapter. They're like events that unfold in a novel, or even a set of instructions from a cookbook. The steps flow in a logical order, inviting your prospects to read through your contents or to complete actions.


In the image below, the arrows point at Stages. The title for each stage should be representative of its topic (e.g. Welcome to Your company's name).


In the image below, the arrows point at Steps.

Steps can include:

  • Contents: any type of asset used to tell a story about your product/ service (e.g. PDF presentation, Slides, Spreadsheets, Loom/ Youtube videos, etc.)

  • Actions: (almost) any type of action you would like your prospects to complete (e.g. Sign a document, Book a meeting, etc)

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